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Getting lab tests should be easy. But the experience today is far from it.

For patients, the thought of taking time out of their day to sit in a cold waiting room, anxiously waiting to hear their name called is downright stressful. For doctors it can be laborious making sure patients complete lab orders and schedule follow-up visits. And for laboratories, it's hard to test samples when patients are non-compliant.

That's why we started Getlabs. Our mission is to make getting lab tests convenient and comfortable. By focusing on improving the patient experience, we create a virtuous cycle which enables doctors and laboratories to increase efficiency, provide more timely diagnoses, and improve patient satisfaction.

We're creating a community of specialists who are trained to make the experience of getting labs as comfortable as possible. Whether you're a patient, a doctor, or a lab - let's get you back to what matters.

Our Team

Kyle Michelson, CEO
Kyle Michelson
Chief Executive Officer Prev. Streamup (YC W16)
Bart Wegrzyn, Head of Engineering
Bart Wegrzyn
Head of Engineering Prev. Cisco Systems
Russell Brooks, Director of Ops & Patient Experience
Russell Brooks
Director of Ops & Patient Experience Prev. Sonder, Uber
Matthew Penney, Engineer
Matthew Penney
Senior Engineer Prev. TD Bank, University of Toronto
Joe O'Leary, Senior Engineer
Joe O'Leary
Senior Engineer Prev. Cisco Systems
Crystal Shorter, Phlebotomy Manager
Crystal Shorter
Phlebotomy Manager Prev. Sonora Quest
Kelly Zepeda, Operations Associate
Kelly Zepeda
Operations Associate Prev. Grailed
Rishabh Varshney, Design
Rishabh Varshney
Frontend Designer Prev. Facebook
Dennis Ernst, Phlebotomy Advisor
Dennis Ernst
Phlebotomy Advisor Center for Phlebotomy Education
Tim Connors, Director
Tim Connors
Director Managing Partner, PivotNorth
Daphne Carmeli, CEO of Deliv
Daphne Carmeli
Director CEO, Deliv
Karan Aneja, BD Advisor
Karan Aneja
BD Advisor Prev. CEO, Portea Medical
Demetri Karagas, Telehealth Advisor
Demetri Karagas
Telehealth Advisor CEO, Thirty Madison
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For comparison, the draw fee at labs is around $25.

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Did you know stress can complicate blood test results? Being comfortable matters.