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Better care starts at home

There is a perfect storm happening right before our eyes. In 2019, only 8% of patients had tried telehealth. Today, that number has surged to 80% of patients planning to use telehealth. But there is a massive problem. Over 70% of medical decisions still require collecting diagnostic tests in-person. Without this, patients risk missing the window for early detection and doctors cannot provide treatment when it matters most. That’s where we come in.

Getlabs delivers healthcare to you. Patients can book a nearby phlebotomist to draw their labs at home for Labcorp and Quest. Healthcare companies can integrate the Getlabs API to send medical professionals to their patients and collect diagnostic tests, including labs, vitals checks, liquid biopsies, imaging, and more.

By creating the infrastructure for healthcare providers to make informed medical decisions remotely, Getlabs bridges the gap between digital and in-person care and unlocks the full potential of telehealth.

Our Team

Kyle Michelson, Chief Executive Officer
Kyle Michelson
Chief Executive Officer Prev. Streamup (YC W16)
Lauren Testa, Director of Operations, West
Lauren Testa
Director of Operations, West Prev. DoorDash
David Kunst, SVP of Operations
David Kunst
SVP of Operations Prev. Alphabet, Lyft
Patrick Halligan, Director of Operations, East
Patrick Halligan
Director of Operations, East Prev. OpenDoor, Lyft
Dennis Ernst, Director of Quality
Dennis Ernst
Director of Quality Prev. Center for Phlebotomy Education
Craig Thompson, Chief Commercial Officer
Craig Thompson
Chief Commercial Officer Prev. Alto Pharmacy, Abbott
Lindi Schirmer, Director of Patient Experience
Lindi Schirmer
Director of Patient Experience Prev. Wayfair
Matt Rubens, VP of Engineering
Matt Rubens
VP of Engineering Prev. Tophatter
David Mayer, Chief Operating Officer
David Mayer
Chief Operating Officer Prev. AllStripes, Lyft
Carlos Correa, Director of Operations, Central
Carlos Correa
Director of Operations, Central Prev. Lyft
Jaime LaFontaine, VP of Business Development
Jaime LaFontaine
VP of Business Development Prev. Alto Pharmacy
Rohit Ananth, Director of Special Operations
Rohit Ananth
Director of Special Operations Prev. The Hartford
David Shin, VP of Strategy
David Shin
VP of Strategy Prev. Rosecliff Ventures

Our Board Members & Advisors

Tim Connors, Board Member
Tim Connors
Board Member Managing Partner, PivotNorth
Caesar Djavaherian, MD, Clinical Advisor
Caesar Djavaherian, MD
Clinical Advisor Chief Medical Officer, Carbon Health
Matt Bettonville, Board Member
Matt Bettonville
Board Member Director of Venture Investing, Emerson Collective
Daphne Carmeli, Strategic Advisor
Daphne Carmeli
Strategic Advisor Prev. Deliv
Steven Gutentag, Telehealth Advisor
Steven Gutentag
Telehealth Advisor Co-Founder, ThirtyMadison
Demetri Karagas, Board Member
Demetri Karagas
Board Member Co-Founder, ThirtyMadison
Our Investors
PivotNorth Capital logoMinderoo Foundation logoEmerson Collective logoLinden3 Ventures logoHealthworx logoKarlin Asset Management logoL2 Ventures logoTusk Ventures logoLabcorb Ventures logoCity Light logo

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