At-home lab visits for your patients.

Getlabs provides convenient at-home lab appointments for your patients from $25 +.

Physician telling patient to book home blood draw

How it works for providers

Getlabs fits seamlessly within your existing flow. Simply place Getlabs promotional materials or tell patients to book a visit at

  1. 1 Provide patient lab order
  2. 2 Recommend Getlabs to patient
  3. 3 Receive patient’s lab results

How it works for patients

Once you recommend Getlabs to patients, booking a visit is effortless.

  1. 1 Patient books visit at
  2. 2 We collect and deliver samples
  3. 3 Lab sends you results
Patient told by provider to order home lab visit

Offer your patients the convenience of Getlabs.

Just fill out the form and we’ll onboard you and provide promotional materials for your office.

Reduce lab non-compliance

Improve patient outcomes

Improve patient satisfaction

Track lab order status

Alternatively, you can fax us your information at (602) 865-8338.

Ready to get your practice started with Getlabs?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Getlabs take samples to my preferred lab?

Yes, absolutely.

Is Getlabs a laboratory?

No, Getlabs is not a laboratory. Getlabs exclusively collects samples and delivers samples to the laboratories selected by providers or their patients. This includes leading labs such as Labcorp and Quest.

Why would mobile phlebotomy improve non-compliance?

Getlabs improves compliance by providing a convenient solution that meets patients in the comfort of their home or office.

How much does Getlabs cost?

Getlabs costs nothing to providers and charges patients a low convenience fee for collecting their samples and delivering to the laboratory.

Does Getlabs work with insurance or medicare?

No, Getlabs is self-pay by patients. In the future, we may consider expanding to support insurance.

How can I refer patients to Getlabs?

Once you fill the form on this page, we’ll set you up with promotional materials including promo cards for your reception desk. Additionally, you can simply tell patients to go to to book a visit.

What sample types does Getlabs collect?

We collect almost every sample laboratory patient service centers collect, including blood and urine.

How do patients book a visit?

They simply go to and follow the steps.

How can I get started?

Just fill out the form on this page and we’ll reach out.